VW's Self Machine Syndrome Explained

Below is a bit of info. on the dreaded VW "self-machine" problem. From our point of view there are three reasons for this condition. These three problems stem from the use of rivets to hold the ring gear to the carrier. The ring gear being the biggest gear in the gearbox-driving the carrier (which drives the axles hence trans"axle"). These rivets must endure all the torque the engine puts out + the multiplication of torque by gear reduction. The most common gear box runs a 3.67 final drive with a 3.45 1st gear. If an engine puts out 125 foot pounds of torque 125 X 3.45 x 3.67 = 1582 Foot pounds of torque. That's lot not including shocking the system by side stepping the clutch and other abuses.
4spd & Early 5spd
Note all rivets are flat.
We really hardly see a
problem with these. They
are really tuff to
remove once drilled.
'84 & Later 5Spd Note
one broken extended rivet at end
of cross-shaft. Flat and
extended rivets are now softer
and press out much
easier than their early cousins.

One broken extended rivet (9:00).
The cross-shaft was retained.
Thanks to the cir-clips.
But the rest of the transaxle
was scrapped.
Two flat rivets at
6 & 7 o'clock are
snapped. No holes in
the case but lots
of speed gear damage

BIG HOLE 16V POWER!!You know who
you are-always the biggest hole.
Mark III Jetta with 75K. Correct they still
haven't fixed the problem. '95-'84=11 YEARS!

Classic job- no cir-clips nice small hole.

The cure a simple $35.00 Bolt Kit