Club Rabbit

Affordable VW Road Racing

Portland International Raceway
Between Turn 2 & 3

Club Rabbit is an ICSCC sanctioned race class. It's a spin off of H Production. Basically CR is a slightly modified bunny.
Some of those modes are:
  • 1600cc Balanced Engine
  • Bored .040" Over
  • 210mm Lighten Flywheel
  • Port Work On Head And Manifold
  • Header
  • Limited Slip Diffs.
  • Any Style Exhaust
  • Almost Any Strut & Spring Combo
  • Any Sway Bar or Stress Bars
  • Rear Disc Brakes
  • 2 Barrel Weber Downdraft
  • Vented Front Rotors
  • and more!

EVIL Pete Belfanti's Purple CR Car
One of the cleanest on the track!
Vince Locicero's (The VL of VL Ent.) CR Car

Photos: Jon "The Split" Guffey
#59 Wins '98 CR ICSCC Points Race With
VLE Supplied Transaxle

Tony Ragnone searches for a new line.

Our Favorite Lawyer
Charles P. Denkers
GT-4 190 H.P. Scirocco