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Dedicated to creating high quality, visually attractive webpages, Steam Launch Artemis Website Design fills a niche in customized internet presentation. Through skillful use of backgrounds, images and text we are able to prepare webpages that hold the visitor's attention and are pleasant to view on most browers.

Our fundamental philosophy in design is that a website should be informative as well as being attractive. The viewer should not be required to download additional software to fully view a page that has flashing, whirling "gimmicks" that do not contribute to the presentation. Nor should the viewer be confused by "pop-ups" or similar devices if they do not enhance the acquisition of information. Navigation of a website should be easy and obvious. And the viewer should not have to "scroll" horizontally to view a page!

We design and maintain websites for small businesses, organizations, and non-profits. We have access to software that will create high quality bulletin boards that integrate seamlessly with your website. We are familiar with setting up "shopping carts" and credit card acceptance programs. We can assist you in acquiring a domain name - or redirecting it - as well as helping you to select a host/server. In short, we are able to create a total website.

We work on a contract basis and do not, therefore, quote an hourly fee. We are willing to provide the URLs of websites we have constructed to potential clients we deem to be serious. If you are interested in using our website design services, please email us .

If you are unsure about hiring someone to design your website, thinking that you may be able to do it yourself, we suggest selecting the "Click Here" below this paragraph. Bravenet has most tools you will need and a wide variety of ready-made software that you can easily adapt - much of it free. They also offer domain name registration, website hosting, online credit card acceptance, and other services at low prices. BUT - you have to do most of the work and research yourself! Check it out and, if you believe you have the time and ability, go ahead - otherwise, give us a try.

Get Firefox!

There are many "fads" out in the big bad world of the internet and, therefore, one should be cautious about downloading the "latest, new, improved" etc. Firefox is the exception. As loaded, it is a "stripped down" browser, not "bloated" - as Netscape or IE - with features you'll never use. Then, via the Firefox website, you download and install those features YOU want. Easy to use and install - but BE SURE to read the installation instructions and tips before you do so. You'll then find that Firefox DOES NOT include an email program - you have to download "Thunderbird" from the Firefox website. No big deal - just read the instructions to transfer files over. I'm checking all my websites to be sure they work with Foxfire. Select the icon to the left to find out more.

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PayPal has always been a reputable name in online credit card processing for those small businesses not able to pay over a thousand dollars in annual fees. And now, if you sign up for a PayPal merchant account, your customers DO NOT have to sign up for Pay Pal!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

We have designed websites which have won the following awards:

Critical Mass Award

Asder Merit Award #AAM02-07RF Dear Ronald, thank you very much for your interest in the ASDER-AWARD . The jury has finished its evaluation today. It is a great pleasure for me to reward the excellent work you did on your website Steam Launch Artemis with the Merit ASDER-AWARD . Your website complies to our strict criteria. By meeting our standards, your website thus belongs to those sites that make the internet interesting. We believe you worked hard for this site and wish you much fun with your site and the internet in the future. Congratulation! Webmaster ASDER 03th April 2002

Web Works Award

Golden Web Award

NWSS Web Works Award

Market-Tek Award Golden Nugget Award

Free World Group Webmasters Award

Best of the Web Award Fantastic Sites Award - 3.5 rating

Gadzillion Award For Creative Thought - 3.5 rating

News Wire Award


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