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About Us - our purpose and goals in hobby steam boating

When Steamboating Magazine ceased publication in 2000 (it has since resumed publication) a void was left in hobby steamboating community.

After surveying a random group of steamboaters, Charlie Roth, Tom Ray and others decided to form a new organization - North American Steam Boat Association - and publish a new magazine "The Smokestack".

The purpose of the North American Steam Boat Association is to:
*    provide a correspondence link among hobby steamboaters;
*    form a steamboat organization similar to the Steam Boat Association of Great Britain;
*    insure continuation of a North American steamboat organization and magazine;
*    have a steamboating magazine "The Smokestack" for steamboaters and by steamboaters;
*    try for a North American meet for all of North America to attend.

At this time we offer our members the following:
*    A bimonthly publication with:
     *    updating of future activities and meets;
     *    reports of recent activities and meets;
     *    helpful do's and don'ts;
     *    what people are building;
     *    steamboat basic training;
     *    questions and answers;
     *    classified ads;
     *    commercial ads;
     *    autobiographies;
     *    feature boat/engine;
     *    new product review.
*    An annual membership list;
*    A biennial index.

Go to the Application page to join now.

All comments are welcome and I hope to have you aboard.
    Timothy Lynch
    165 Jacks Hill Road
    Oxford, CT 06478
    Telephone: 203-463-8288

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